Sri Lanka Vesak Stamps 2015


Sri Lanka has been issuing Vesak stamps every year since the late 70s. The majority of these early issues are some of the most treasured in my collection because they depict some awesome bits of history, mythology and art and I tend to geek out over that type of thing. Unfortunately, most of the later ones have not been as interesting and this year is much the same.

We actually had two separate Vesak issues this year with a three stamp set commemorating Vesak and a separate one stamp issue commemorating the State Vesak Festival. Why this was necessary is beyond me and none of the stamps look particularly special.

2015 Vesak stamps

Date of issue: 20 April 2015

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May your stamps be hoppy this Easter


Wasn’t I just saying that Easter should be full of bunnies and chocolate eggs as opposed to misery and suffering? At least the Czech Republic seems to have got their priorities in order with this funny bunny waiter stamp. Here’s my ranking of the best Easter stamp designs of 2015.

#7: Trust the Vatican to issue the most boring stamp on the list. A work by the unknown Master of the Crucifix of Trevi depicting the risen Christ, I can appreciate this stamp as art or history but not necessarily as the most interesting depiction of Easter.

Vatican - Easter 2015 stamp

Vatican – Easter 2015 stamp

#6: Serbia went a bit nuts and put religious imagery on an Easter egg so they get points for originality if not anything else.

Serbia - Easter 2015 stamp

Serbia – Easter 2015 stamp

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Slovakia’s 2015 Easter stamp

Jesus H. Christ Slovakia, what’s up with your new Easter stamp? What happened to Easter being about chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits? I have never seen such a miserable looking picture of the overhyped martyr in my whole life. Shouldn’t he look happy to be back among the living and not like he’d burst into tears any minute? Does this being imbued with an eucalyptus fragrance supposed to help?

The Head of Christ – image courtesy of Slovak Post-Slovenská

As a long suffering misanthropist, I do have some sympathy for the poor bugger. Being born is bad enough. Why the dead can’t be allowed to stay dead is beyond me.

Blessed pink flamingoes


So I just noticed that The Bahamas issued three stamps in honour of the World Day of Prayer last Friday.


Whilst I remain sceptical of prayer and religion in general, what I REALLY can’t understand is the presence of “Blessed” pink flamingoes in the second one. Feels like something from Under the Dome if you ask me.


And yes, I also find the first one rather demeaning. It’s all fine and dandy that Mary Magdalene felt like washing Jesus’ feet and wiping them with her hair that one time, but putting it on a postage stamp and labeling it “Never Forget How to Serve” is like saying women should be washing men’s feet all the time.

As if.

The Pope Stamp


When my first package from the local Philatelic Bureau arrived I was so excited that I nearly pissed myself. Well, no not really, although holding it in is getting gradually more difficult at my age.

Behold my disappointment when they turned out to be TWO really ugly stamps of his Catholic Holiness. I could have photoshopped that blue one better seriously. And why god forbid have they put him in front of a stupa?

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