‘Maithriyen’ overprint


NOTE: This post has nothing to do with the current president of Sri Lanka although the poor sod was likely named for the same basic concept.

I was looking at two of my 1957 stamps recently and noticed an interesting overprint on one of them. The words “Maithriyen” (I doubt there is a direct English translation because it seems to mean a complicated combo of about 8 different but equally boring qualities) and “Wairaya” (hatred) are clearly visible on the green four cent stamp. These were issued on 1 April 1957 to celebrate the Ceylon postal centenary and features methods of transportation.

I know there is a popular local Buddhist saying “maithriyen wairaya sanside” so could it be that? (loose translation = “benevolence diminishes hatred“). Does anyone know?

I’d love to see any other covers or stamps with this marking so if you do have one – please scan and share!