Ceylon 1952 Star Orchid stamp variations


I’m sure that at one stage (likely 25+ years ago) I had nearly 20 copies of this thanks to a larger collection bequeathed to me by a grand aunt. Over the years I’ve given away most of them assuming that they are all duplicates. Imagine my horror when I returned to my childhood hobby recently and realised that there are THREE distinct variations.

Maybe I was not a very observant child. I most certainly did not have access to the internet or catalogues like Stanley Gibbons (SG). Either way, I hope I can help you avoid this situation by pointing out the differences below.

1. So the first one was issued on 1 February 1952 as a 35 cent stamp. This has an SG catalog number of LK 424 and it gives prominence to the word CEYLON in English with Sinhalese and Tamil notations appearing in smaller script. The stamp subject and words POSTAGE AND REVENUE are also given in English.

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