Sri Lanka 2015 Archaeology Department 125th Anniversary


Sri Lanka issued a stamp and first day cover commemorating the 125th Anniversary of the Department of Archaeology on 8 July 2015. The stamp features Harry Charles Purvis Bell who served as the country’s first archaeological commissioner from 1890 to 1912.

While the Department of Archaeology was established with Bell’s appointment on July 7th 1890, archaeological observations and photography had been taking place even around 1861.

125th Anniversary of Department of Archeology

The stamp backdrop shows HCP Bell in front of the famous Sigirya fresco wall – he was instrumental in the early excavation and preservation work done on what is today an important World Heritage Site

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Sri Lanka Independence Stamps


I’ve had this stamp for awhile but recently picked up the FDC at an auction. It’s a bit grimy but I got it for next to nothing so I won’t complain.

Sri Lanka 60 Years of Independence FDC

What I find interesting about the stamp however, is the way somebody carefully designed the partial arms holding up the flag to ensure each ethnic group was represented. Cute huh?

Sri Lanka 2008 Independence Day Stamp

This got me looking around on the subject of Sri Lanka Independence Day stamps and apparently there are quite a few. Of course, the successful ousting of the white man is a REALLY BIG DEAL in these parts, so it’s only to be expected I suppose.

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On today’s game of Find The Country…


So I came across this whilst poking through a bunch of unsorted stamps and realised I had no clue what country it was from. You know what that means… time for a little sleuthing!

Bulgaria: 1403 Revolt against the Turks

Note: Yes I know I could have posted a picture on one of many available stamp forums and probably got an answer within minutes but I don’t always like to do things the easy way. 

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Where are the Sri Lankan Royalty stamps?


It just occurred to me that I have never seen a local king on a postage stamp. This dude was likely well on the way to commissioning his own but thank goodness for democracy eh?

I digress. We have so many local stamps featuring British monarchs but not a single one with our own. Yes okay, I know the British royalty stamps were due to the occupation or what have you, but STILL.

Any fan of philately would have seen those lovely stamp sets on the various royal houses issued by Great Britain. In case you haven’t seen them, take a gander because they are GLORIOUS.

So without further ado, here is my list of the top 5 royals of ancient Sri Lanka I would like to see featured on a future stamp.

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