Today’s stamp idea: Sri Lankan Street Dogs


Dear Sri Lankan Philatelic Bureau,

The notoriety that these free running street pooches bring to our country is well understood. No matter how many sterilisation campaigns those long suffering animal welfare organisations run, our streets continue to be infested with them. A local business woman even built a decent sized retail empire that made strays and stray related merchandise “cool”. I myself succumbed to the trend and adopted not one but TWO pesky (read: adorable) runts – not from her organisation though, but from these nice people.

So many countries have issued stamps on their abandoned mutts so why haven’t we? Let me point you to UK, Canada, USA and Australia all of whom mind you do NOT have dogs running loose on the streets but seem to care all the same. This will also give you the opportunity to donate, let’s say 60% of all stamp sales to a local animal charity and feel good about yourselves in the bargain. Can we agree that you need a win especially after that last pope fiasco?

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