Sri Lanka Independence Stamps


I’ve had this stamp for awhile but recently picked up the FDC at an auction. It’s a bit grimy but I got it for next to nothing so I won’t complain.

Sri Lanka 60 Years of Independence FDC

What I find interesting about the stamp however, is the way somebody carefully designed the partial arms holding up the flag to ensure each ethnic group was represented. Cute huh?

Sri Lanka 2008 Independence Day Stamp

This got me looking around on the subject of Sri Lanka Independence Day stamps and apparently there are quite a few. Of course, the successful ousting of the white man is a REALLY BIG DEAL in these parts, so it’s only to be expected I suppose.

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‘Maithriyen’ overprint


NOTE: This post has nothing to do with the current president of Sri Lanka although the poor sod was likely named for the same basic concept.

I was looking at two of my 1957 stamps recently and noticed an interesting overprint on one of them. The words “Maithriyen” (I doubt there is a direct English translation because it seems to mean a complicated combo of about 8 different but equally boring qualities) and “Wairaya” (hatred) are clearly visible on the green four cent stamp. These were issued on 1 April 1957 to celebrate the Ceylon postal centenary and features methods of transportation.

I know there is a popular local Buddhist saying “maithriyen wairaya sanside” so could it be that? (loose translation = “benevolence diminishes hatred“). Does anyone know?

I’d love to see any other covers or stamps with this marking so if you do have one – please scan and share!