IMPORTANT: Philately is still considered mostly a serious hobby, for mostly serious people. I couldn’t be serious if I tried. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So I’m a female of dubious age (I feel like I was born 100 and am gradually regressing – mentally at least) from the alleged Wonder of Asia (why do they call it that again?) and I like stamps. Why? They make me happy and are cheaper than Prozac. While I narrowly escaped being born a millennial, I do have a healthy interest in technology. If it weren’t for the internet, I can’t pore over scanned pictures of other people’s stamp collections all day can I?

My current focus is to collect at least one copy of every Sri Lankan stamp ever issued after 1948. While I love stuff from the earlier British era, it is very confusing to separate the fakes from the genuine because seriously, how many colours/variants of those King George V and Queen Victoria stamps are there again?

I only started collecting local stamps in mint form after about 2008 so the rest are used and incomplete. I also have a reasonably nice collection of foreign stamps so a secondary consideration is to try and get at least one stamp from every country. I am also interested in collecting postmarks from different places. While I have yet to narrow down to specific themes or topics I want to collect, some random points of interest are:

  • mythology/history
  • gastronomy
  • lions, monkeys and dragons
  • cartoons/comics
  • stamps with a focus on words or sentences
  • various cultural themes including paintings/art, costumes, handicrafts, etc.

I am in the process of scanning and uploading my collection – a laborious process as you can imagine which will likely be a long term work in progress. You can view it here. I am also trying to construct a timeline of Sri Lankan stamp issues here.

If you want to exchange stamped covers with me please drop me a note and I will get in touch. Vive la Snail Mail!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I love yours! I haven’t found much philately with attitude on the net. I wonder if we’re the only two. I’m afraid we disagree about elephants though. I’ll check in regularly! x

  2. I am curious about your blog, but I could not find a “follow” button. Is that on purpose? I don’t have a problem giving you my email address, but I really like quickly checking my blog viewer. I check my email much less often.

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