Sri Lanka 1991 Survey Department 190th Anniversary FDC


This first day cover was issued to mark 190 years of Sri Lanka’s survey department and features Captain Gualterus Schneider alongside a commemorative stamp. What’s interesting however, is that the text stating that Captain G. Schneider was the first surveyor general of Sri Lanka appears to be a mistake.

The stamp shows that the Survey Department was established in 1800 which is accurate. The surveyor general at the time was J. Johnwil who was followed by George Atkinson in 1805. Gualterus Schneider then happens to be the THIRD surveyor general coming into office in 1811.

Sri Lanka 1991 Survey Department 190th Anniversary

One thought on “Sri Lanka 1991 Survey Department 190th Anniversary FDC

  1. Anne Williams

    You are correct to say G. Schneider was not the 1st Surveyor but his map is mentioned in the book ‘Tombstones & Monuments by P. Lewis as being the ‘first map of any value in the British period”When the maritime provinces were ceded to them ,Gualterus was 23. He had been formerly employed in the Dutch Engineering Service. At the age of 28 he was the Principal Surveyor ,Colombo (from the DBU Journal) he died aged 58 in 1830. I think that it was what they meant??

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