Rajapaksa’s achievements via postage stamps


Today marks six months since the fall of our last moustachioed tyrant and I couldn’t help wondering, just how many of his glorious achievements were celebrated via postage stamp?

2010 saw the issue of a stamp featuring the Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port or quite simply, the Hambanthota port. Featuring a small portrait of the man himself, it is a typical “look at me, look what I built” piece of philately.


Next we have the March 2013 Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport stamp. This one has a reasonably attractive design and is thankfully unmarred by a visage of the person who it was named for.


Lastly, we have this October 2013 stamp featuring the lovely Colombo Katunayaka Expressway. As with most of our beloved ex-President’s development projects, it was funded through Chinese loans and completed at an exorbitant cost.

However, the cleverest one overall has to be this first day cover plus stamp combo which would have honoured dear Papa Rajapaksa for “taking the bold decision to defeat the LTTE and eradicate terrorism in Sri Lanka“. Note how the flag used in the stamp is the “Sinhala only” version – the green and orange bars which are supposed to depict minority groups is missing although they are present in the FDC design. I would have taken the whole thing for a prank but it was mentioned in a national newspaper so obviously somebody planned to release this officially. I wonder why that never happened. Hrmm.

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