Sri Lanka 1970 New UPU HQ Stamp


Look I think its great that the Universal Postal Union (UPU) got a brand new building way back in 1970 and that Sri Lanka felt the need to issue a completely unimaginative stamp to commemorate this glorious event but why on earth did they mark the face value in the red stamp using fractions?

I don’t know about you but I was taught that 1/10 = one tenth so in this case when the stamp says Rs 1/10 I assume it is 10 cents in value. A spectacularly dumb and roundabout way of stating things but hey, it was the 70s after all.

Of course all the catalogues state that the face value is actually Rs 1.10 which increases my irritation exponentially. Why couldn’t they just use a “dot” like normal people then? And there were so many ten cent stamps during this time, surely making this a Rs 1 stamp makes more sense? Then it could be combined with another 10 cent stamp to make this magical value of One Rupee and Ten Cents.

Grrr. I guess this is a mystery I will never solve.

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