May your stamps be hoppy this Easter


Wasn’t I just saying that Easter should be full of bunnies and chocolate eggs as opposed to misery and suffering? At least the Czech Republic seems to have got their priorities in order with this funny bunny waiter stamp. Here’s my ranking of the best Easter stamp designs of 2015.

#7: Trust the Vatican to issue the most boring stamp on the list. A work by the unknown Master of the Crucifix of Trevi depicting the risen Christ, I can appreciate this stamp as art or history but not necessarily as the most interesting depiction of Easter.

Vatican - Easter 2015 stamp

Vatican – Easter 2015 stamp

#6: Serbia went a bit nuts and put religious imagery on an Easter egg so they get points for originality if not anything else.

Serbia - Easter 2015 stamp

Serbia – Easter 2015 stamp

#5: I’m giving 5th place as a tie between Poland and Switzerland who both went down the fancy Easter egg path with these pretty designs. I wonder if they planned it.

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#4: Austria gets fourth place with this fun jigsaw type Easter stamp. I’m not sure if the bunny “couple” in the top right corner makes this entirely appropriate for children though. Especially not the way the brown bunny is looking down at the white one. That’s a serious bunny lecher if you ask me.


#3: Yes, I know I said we should forgo the religious symbolism and keep things light this Easter but come on. Just look at this gory minisheet from Dracula country. It’s so dark and gothic that I have to give this one third place.

Romania - Easter 2015 stamp

Romania – Easter 2015 stamp

#2: Out of all the religious themed Easter stamps of 2015 this one from Croatia is my favourite. The stamp features a chalice with a sculpture of Christ rising from it and is currently housed at St. Euphemia Church in Rovinj. This one is absolutely stunning in my opinion and I wish I could see it in person. Jesus may get my soul yet.

Croatia - Easter 2015 stamp

Croatia – Easter 2015 stamp

#1: And the Czech Republic’s bunny waiter stamp which I mentioned before, is just plain cute. It’s light hearted, funny and colourful – just the way any holiday should be. I have no qualms about declaring this number one in this probably not exhaustive list of 2015 Easter stamps.

Czech Republic - 2015 Easter stamp

Czech Republic – 2015 Easter stamp

Happy Easter and may the gods of philately send all of these stamps your way some day!

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    • thestampwench

      Thanks Eva. I have only considered stamps issued in 2015 for this list but the one in your Sunday Stamps post was really cute!

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