Sri Lanka 1982 World Environment Day Stamp


How do I love thee dear World Environment Day stamp of 1982 – let me count the ways:

Sri Lanka World Environment Day 1982

1. The level of detail is spectacular. Aside from the elephant and deer pairs which dominate most of this stamp, look at the cobra wrapped around the tree trunk. And a bird who’s dangerously close to the cobra but maybe they are buds? There is also what looks like an overlarge owl and a pretty peacock. And the wee fishies in the river? There seem to be at least 2-3 varieties. The 3 yellow circles I believe, are meant to represent the sun, moon and the wind. The best part is how there is a hare in the moon which is a nod to the Sasa Jatakaya. Even the trees appear to be of different types.

2. It’s so colourful and would look great as a framed wall hanging. Obviously, whoever painted this was a genius and I want to have their babies.

3. The stamp title is presented in Sinhala, Tamil and English. Respect.

4. Well, it’s just darn cute isn’t it? Even the elephants who usually bore me to death.

The stamp was issued on 5th June 1982 and carries a face value of 50 cents.

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