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I admire poetry in the only way someone who can’t actually write poetry, can appreciate poetry. I may not notice if a piece is written badly or well, but judge purely based on the “feels” it generates. So it’s bad enough that this new set of no less than SIX miniature sheets from the United Nations (who allowed them to issue stamps in the first place?) celebrating World Poetry Day is completely extravagant but NONE of the included snippets seem to justify the expense of trying to collect them.

You are not just a drop in the ocean
You are the mighty ocean in the drop.
— Rumi


Maybe it’s a good thing that I can’t actually read this shite.

Seriously. WTF. If I wanted to look at a pretty picture with this type of platitude I can go to Pinterest. Or Tumblr. You can’t REALLY expect me to fork over a small fortune for postage with this kind of cock on it? The artwork is quite decent but asking me to believe that I have a “mighty ocean” within me? I don’t even. Also, I hate the ocean. So go fuck yourself, Rumi. The other five selections are almost as bad so I won’t make you suffer through them.

Aside: The designer claims that each theme “illustrates a universal truth“. I googled him and judging by the mugshot alone I can tell that he is the kind of prat who basks in this kind of feel good mumbo jumbo. Go. Hunt him down. Look at his face. It will explain a lot.

Since I am now considerably upset and annoyed, I decided to look for other stamps with poetry on them. No, not poets. POETRY. Don’t we have enough stamps with pictures of allegedly famous humans on them? Don’t you get tired of looking at all those over-achieving faces? No, I went looking for stamps with actual lines of poetry on them. And I wasn’t disappointed.

This 2014 Great Britain stamp featuring a line from Laurence Binyon’s poem, For the Fallen is my personal favourite. Just words. Massive feels.


Yes, I have a morbid fasciation with war and death. Sue me.

Actually the entire set issued on the centenary of the First World War is quite excellent and you should check it out.

As an honorable mention, let me present this 2009 Robert Burns stamp. It technically features song lyrics, but we’ll allow it.


What would we do without Great Britain and their awesome stamp issues?

The song talks about equality regardless of wealth, rank etc and has even been sung in Scottish parliament.

Don’t you just love Scottish accents? Incidentally, the stamp illustration is from a painting by James Sargent Storer titled Robert Burns turning up a mouse in her nest with his plough which yes, refers back to another lovely Burns poem.

So what poetry related stamps move or irritate you? Do you have any in your collection?

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