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For a nation that drinks as much as we do, I find it upsetting that Sri Lanka has yet to produce an alcohol themed stamp. We even have local equivalents in the form of Ra (also called Toddy) and Arrack so why avoid it? The arrack in particular has been referred to in legendary explorer Marco Polo’s 13th century travelogue, Il Milione – a fact to be proud of surely!? If it were upto me, I’d design a stamp with the dude sitting on a nice beach with his feet up, enjoying a bowl of arrack and use it to teach school children that drinking responsibly is more important than perfect abstinence (and you wonder why they won’t accept my calls at the Philatelic Bureau).

I can only imagine that we want to keep up the appearance of a long suffering Buddhist nation built on values like temperance and piety when the truth is far from it. Besides, I also know plenty of nutters who love to blame white people for everything and likely our (secret) obsession with alcohol is one of those things.

Nearly every single alcohol themed stamp currently available seems to be from European countries who make no pretence of their love for drinking. I must also say how very proud I am of The Philippines for their 1990 beer centenary stamp because it is the ONLY alcohol themed stamp by an Asian country (I think?). Incidentally, Japan should do a sake stamp. That stuff is awesomesauce.

Do you know of any others?

In the meantime, I will cling to the hope that SOMEDAY, this misbegotten country of drunkards will climb out of the darkness of denial and into the beauteous light of alcoholic self acceptance.

Toddy tapper collecting toddy

Toddy tapper collecting toddy

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