Big useless lumps


Elephants bore me to death. It is thus unfortunate that I live in a country where the big useless lumps are something of a national symbol. The only thing interesting about elephants (in my opinion at least) is watching them pee. Honestly. I once timed an elephant pissing and gave up after the 2 minute mark. Add THAT to your bucket list.

That said, these 1986 World Wildlife Federation (WWF) stamps issued in honour of the venerable beasties hold a nostalgic appeal because they are the first complete “set” of stamps I collected.

I must have been around 7 years old and to this day remember an overwhelming feeling of what can only be described as smugness, when ALL FOUR STAMPS arrived on the one envelope. God knows who sent them because the envelope is long gone but I still think fondly of this obviously clever person.

I almost wish I was that age again where something as simple as a complete stamp set made life feel as it were worth living but then I remember being dolled up and hauled to church every Sunday for fifteen something years. Think I’ll stick with being a misanthropic heathen adult thank you very much.

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