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When my first package from the local Philatelic Bureau arrived I was so excited that I nearly pissed myself. Well, no not really, although holding it in is getting gradually more difficult at my age.

Behold my disappointment when they turned out to be TWO really ugly stamps of his Catholic Holiness. I could have photoshopped that blue one better seriously. And why god forbid have they put him in front of a stupa?

I’ve been rather neutral towards the old man especially since he said nice things about dogs, evolution and gheys. Unfortunately, it just so happened that the stamps arrived only days after his public insistence that all married Catholics procreate vigorously –  “Not to have children is a selfish choice” he said. Ugh.

He then went on to say several other cringe inducing things most specifically “The joy of children makes their parents hearts throb and reopens the future”. Let’s be honest. If anything brings the throbbing and opening to a screeching halt its the catlike yowl of “Thaaththiiiii” coming from your neighbour’s obviously deranged child.

Stamp Bulletin 859

By the way, having now read the entire stamp bulletin I have been made aware that the dome like thing in the background of the blue one is not a stupa but actually St. Peter’s Basilica.

Yes, yes Adam. WHATEVES.

Yes, yes Adam. WHATEVES.

Other nations have managed to produce Pope Francis stamps of some acceptable quality. And I’m not talking first world (they likely have more sense than to waste an entire stamp on a pope) but this one from Uganda and this from the Central African Republic are both very nice.

These ones from The Philippines are my favourite. They are so arty and fresh that they almost make the old coot seem fun and modern.

So thank you Sri Lankan Philatelic Bureau. I have sworn to procure every single Sri Lankan stamp both old and new so I cannot use these to wipe my dog’s bottom but boy, don’t I want to.

For more information and pictures of the equally ugly stamp sheets, miniature sheet, first day cover and presentation pack see here.

A scanned copy of the entire stamp bulletin is available here.

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